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On-Site Support

We will send one of our computer techs to your home or place of business.

Remote Support

We can securely access your computer over the internet and proceed with any necessary diagnostic service.

Laptop Repair in Maricopa, AZ

A lot of people ask – Is my laptop worth fixing?

It’s a very good question. Why would you want to put money into an outdated or crappy laptop? We will give you our professional and honest opinion on whether your laptop is worth fixing or not. Since we have very reasonable repair prices, it usually makes more sense to get your laptop repaired by us rather than replace it.

Our laptop diagnostic is free – We can do it remotely or onsite.

We like to offer our laptop diagnostic for free because not all computers are even worth the cost of an industry standard diagnostic fee. We take pride in being fair with everyone and want to make sure that any service we recommend is the most logical and cost-effective for your current situation.  With our diagnostic, we test the key hardware components of your laptop and perform an overall analysis of your computer’s operating system.

A critical step when it comes to laptop repair is testing the hardware. 

Have you ever had your laptop tuned-up by someone and it was still running slow after you got it back? It’s possible you also had a hardware problem that they didn’t catch. Hardware faults can cause a ton of random issues including slow performance. If your hard drive isn’t reading and writing at a normal speed, it doesn’t matter what you do to clean up the software, the laptop is still going to run like crap because it can’t read and write data fast enough to process the information.

Extensive virus and malware scanning for infected computers. 

The most common infection we see is adware also know as PUP’s (Potentially Unwanted Programs). PUP’s can cause serious performance issues, they piggyback on other software downloads, like games or free software. These PUP’s sneak in and install without you knowing, then all of the sudden you have pop-up ads going crazy popping up all over your screen. Our tools can detect all forms of adware, malware, spyware, and viruses eliminating all threats and removing any leftover traces.

We fix hardware and software issues, here are common laptop services – 

–  Laptop Tune-Up Service
–  Virus, Malware & Adware Removal
–  Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade
–  RAM Memory Upgrade
–  Operating System Upgrade

Common hardware repairs:
–  LCD Screen Replacement
–  Broken LCD Screen Hinges
–  Keyboard Replacement
–  DC Jack/Charging Port Replacement
–  Loud Fan or Overheating