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On-Site Support

We will send one of our computer techs to your home or place of business.

Remote Support

We can securely access your computer over the internet and proceed with any necessary diagnostic service.

In-Home Tech Support - Maricopa, AZ

Get the technical support you need in the comfort of your own home.

We provide tech support for just about any type of electronic device that connects to the internet. Our technicians don’t just fix computers, we also provide support for your WiFi network, home theater system, streaming devices, and smart home devices (Alexa, Google Home, Ring, Arlo).

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation. 

Get your questions answered by one of our experienced techs.  Everyone that lives in the City of Maricopa is eligible for our free initial in-home consultation.  Any tech problems you have, we can help!

In-Home Computer Services & WiFi Networking Support. 

Whether you need your computer cleaned up because it’s running slow, your broken laptop screen or charging port replaced, or you need help setting up your new WiFi router, we’ve got you covered.

Support For Your Home Theater System & Surround Sound. 

When random problems arise and the grandkids are nowhere to be found, who do you call?  You found us – We can help troubleshoot the reason why you no longer hear sound from some of your surround sound speakers. We can help you get your remote controls programmed or condensed into a single universal remote.

Support For Your Video Streaming & Smart Home Devices. 

Smart Home Devices can be a challenge to set-up sometimes. There are many factors that come into play for different scenarios and the manufacturer can’t include instructions for every person’s particular situation.  We can say the same for Streaming Devices, they aren’t always simple to set-up either. Whether you need help with Ring, Google Home, Alexa, or Roku, we can help you get it them installed, set-up, and even provide some training on the devices.