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We will give you our honest opinion on whether we should fix, upgrade, or replace your computer. Our initial computer evaluation is free. Before investing your hard-earned money on a diagnostic fee at one of our competitors, give us a call and find out what’s wrong with your computer for free!

Support for Windows & Mac

Repair, upgrade, or replace?

Not sure if your computer is worth fixing?

We will give you our professional and honest opinion on whether we should fix, upgrade, or replace your computer. The last thing we want is for you to put money into an outdated, slow, or failing computer.

We offer a free computer diagnostic – Remotely or Onsite

During the computer diagnostic, we will test the main hardware components of your computer to make sure they are healthy and performing as they should. Then we do an overall analysis of your computer’s operating system to make sure your firewall and virus protection are working and that critical security updates are installing as they should. We also check for viruses, malware, and other software issues that may be causing errors or sluggish performance.

When it comes to computer repair, testing the hardware is critical. 

By testing your computer’s hardware, we can recommend the best repair service that would be a guaranteed fix for your computer. Hardware faults can cause all types of issues – like sluggish performance, random programs or files that won’t open, or blue screens of death, as well as many other issues. We want to make sure that the repair service we recommend is going to fix your computer.

Extensive virus scans for computers that have been infected.

The most common infection we see is adware also known as PUP’s (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Adware infections can be detrimental to your computer’s performance. PUP’s sneak their way into your computer piggybacking on other software downloads online.  They can cause tons of pop-up ads, especially in your internet browser. They can also redirect you to random web pages while you are browsing.

We fix just about everything, here are some of the more common repairs.

–  Computer Tune-Ups
–  Virus, Malware & Adware Removal
–  Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades
–  RAM Memory Upgrades
–  Operating System Upgrades

Common desktop & all-in-one hardware repairs:
–  Hard Drive Replacements
–  Power Supply Replacements
–  Loud Fan or Overheating

Common laptop hardware repairs:
–  LCD Screen Replacements
–  Keyboard Replacements
–  DC Jack/Charging Port Replacements
–  Loud Fan or Overheating

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